Our region offers unique national and international opportunities in coastal and agri-tourism, as it provides required vital attributes like the sea, sand, sun and diverse agricultural and horticultural flora and vegetation. Tourism leads to the economic growth of the region. The Chamber will contribute by arranging workshops on skill developments, management, statutory compliances, etc. The chamber can organize participation in national and international tourism exhibitions and trade shows, thus it can give big impetus.


NKCCA is actively promoting the very beautiful & scenic North Konkan Region to put this region on the national and global tourism map.


NKCCA has undertaken the following activities:


  1. Identify the Resorts, Hotels, and House stay  bed & Breakfast.
  2. Interact with the owner to find out whether they require support for skill development.
  3. Identify the Agri Tourism potential sites,  and encourage the farmers to use this additional revenue opportunity.
  4. Identify the sightseeing places and collect detailed information.
  5. Interact with local Gram Panchayat and their heads – Sarpanch to create better infrastructure facilities in the village.
  6. To install proper signboards at various locations while traveling from Mumbai or Nasik or Gujarat to this region.
  7. To interact with locals to create job opportunities in the tourism industry.

8. Encourage local women and their bachat groups who can offer catering services as local cuisine is very popular.


9. To arrange various roadshows at various cities in Maharashtra and India.


10. Participate with MTDC in various Tourism exhibitions


11. Make a High-resolution photo gallery so that all Tour Operators can use for promotion of the destination.


12. Arrange more interactive workshops, meetings, training and exchange of ideas with various activities related to the service industry in collaboration with Government Tourism bodies like MTDC, ITDC, etc.


13. To create promotional video clips.


To Promote the destination on various social media platforms.

At present this destination is known for week end destination only to change this perception to 365 days destination with appropriate marketing campaign.

NKCCA is actively working toward sustainable developments. It organizes workshops & seminars on skill development in association with Government tourism departments. It arranges a visit of leading tour operators to the region showcasing all tourism opportunities. It also helps take up various statutory & regulatory problems face by bed & breakfast operators & small resort owners with concern authorities and ministries.