About Us


The North Konkan Chamber of Commerce and Agricultural Foundation (NKCCA) IS incorporated as a non-profit organization under Section 25(1)(a)(b) of the Indian Companies Act 1956.

NKCCA has been formed on the basis of the request received from several small, medium & large scale organizations, entrepreneurs and professionals from our area to create a common platform that will bring together all of us to represent the interest of North Konkan region.

There are several sector wise / industry-wise/ area wise associations, co-operative societies or trade bodies working for the specific causes, but a strong Chamber which is dedicated to the overall growth of industry, commerce, trade & agriculture is needed for the hour. Chamber is giving also focusing on agriculture & horticulture sectors whose sustainability and growth is of paramount importance.


Some of the Objectives as per chamber's Article of Association

  • To represent the interests of the members from the North Konkan area “(Region between Mumbai and Maharashtra-Gujarat border i.e, Mumbai Thane and Palghar districts) and surrounding areas.

  • To promote trade, commerce, industry, agriculture, horticulture, export, science, technology, consumer education in the area of North Konkan and surrounding areas.

  • To represent and make known member point of view and interest of the ‘industries located in North Konkan areas as a whole before Governmental and Quasi Governmental Authorities, Trade and Industrial Bodies, Chamber of Commerce, Scientific Bodies, Educational Institutes, and other Organizations.

  • To foster the overall development and growth of the North Konkan and surrounding area in order to increase self-reliance.
  • To create a platform to facilitate coordination, co-operation, exchange of views and ideas and sharing of knowledge, organize workshops, debates, lectures, exhibitions, seminars to advance the cause of legal and technical education related to industries, commerce trade, professions, agriculture, horticulture, etc.

  • To publish and provide journals, periodicals news bulletin, current news developments, law, enactments related to the industry, commerce trade, professions, agriculture, horticulture, etc.

  • To act as a bridge between administrative authorities, regulatory and statutory authorities, law promulgating and maintaining authorities by appraising them from time to time with practical problems and hindrances in conducting the business activities by the members.

North Kokan Chamber of Commerce And Agriculture