The North Konkan Chamber of Commerce and Agricultural Foundation (NKCCA) IS incorporated as a non-profit organization under Section 25(1)(a)(b) of the Indian Companies Act 1956.

NKCCA has been formed on the basis of the request received from several small, medium & large scale organizations, entrepreneurs and professionals from our area to create a common platform that will bring together all of us to represent the interest of North Konkan region.

There are several sector wise / industry-wise/ area wise associations, co-operative societies or trade bodies working for the specific causes, but a strong Chamber which is dedicated to the overall growth of industry, commerce, trade & agriculture is needed for the hour. Chamber is giving also focusing on agriculture & horticulture sectors whose sustainability and growth is of paramount importance

Mr. Deepak Chaudhari


Dr. Deepak S. Chaudhari's remarkable journey is a testament to his dynamic blend of professional prowess and unwavering compassion.

Armed with a Master of Business Management and a Ph.D. in logistics and supply chain management from Mumbai University, he boasts over three decades of invaluable experience in his field. As a consultant to esteemed corporate entities and a respected faculty member at various institutes, Dr. Chaudhari not only shares his wealth of knowledge but also serves as a certified faculty member by Lions International U.S.A., underscoring his commitment to education and service.

At the helm of the Indus Group of companies since its inception in 1994, Dr. Chaudhari has steered its growth, establishing a formidable presence with offices at major ports and fostering exclusive international partnerships. Yet, his true measure lies in his dedication to community service. Serving as the District Governor of LIONS INTERNATIONAL 3231A3, he tirelessly works towards uplifting the less privileged and spearheads impactful initiatives in water conservation, including the construction of numerous check dams in Palghar District.

Beyond his professional accolades, Dr. Chaudhari’s commitment to social causes shines through his involvement in producing impactful Marathi films such as “SHWAAS” winner of NATIONAL AWARD & India’s official entry for Oscars and movie of child affected with AIDS “Amhi chamkate Tare.” Which won international accolades. Furthermore, as Chief Trustee at SKS Sangh fund Trust, he upholds a legacy of over a century, providing essential educational facilities for students and senior citizens.



The chamber is working toward the growth of industries & commerce, Infrastructure including storage & warehousing, skilled manpower, etc. The micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) play a significant role in backing the growth of the region.


Our region offers unique national and international opportunities in coastal and agri-tourism, as it provides required vital attributes like the sea, sand, sun and diverse agricultural and horticultural flora and vegetation.


About 65% population of this region is directly or indirectly involved in agriculture activities. The problems faced by them are numerous like small and fragmented land holding, quality seeds, bank finance, insurance issues, non-availability of water for irrigation, etc.


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The North Konkan Chamber of Commerce and Agricultural Foundation (NKCCA) invites you to become a member and join our mission to foster growth and development in the North Konkan region. Our membership brings together a diverse group of small, medium, and large-scale organizations, entrepreneurs, and professionals dedicated to the collective advancement of industry, commerce, trade, and agriculture.